Doctor infected with the omicron strain spoke about the features of the disease

(ORDO NEWS) — A post written by resuscitator Mikhail Chuiko appeared on the network. In it, he describes the course of the omicron strain of COVID-19, which he himself contracted some time ago.

So, according to the specialist, a new mutation of the infection has a higher infectiousness, other symptoms and a short incubation period.

First of all, the new covid is completely different. The symptoms are different, the course is different, in general, without looking at the test results, it’s hard to even think about covid, it’s so different from the previous options.

The doctor said that the incubation period of the omicron variant of the coronavirus is from one to three days. In this case, the disease begins with a runny nose (less often with a cough), and such expected symptoms as loss of smell most often do not happen. But some patients complain of laryngitis with a change in voice.

The temperature period is not very long – 2-3 days, sometimes even a day. Of those vaccinated, the vast majority have a temperature not exceeding 38 degrees (actually, it’s the same for me) or without any temperature rise at all.


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