Scientists have created a record-breaking small antenna from a DNA molecule

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They managed to create the smallest antenna in the world to date, 5 nanometers long. The novelty was based on the DNA molecule.

It is reported that, unlike larger “brothers”, the nanoantenna is not designed to receive or transmit radio waves.

It is more suitable for scientists, with its help, to unravel some of the “secrets” of proteins that are constantly changing their structure.

Since the DNA molecule has fluorescent properties, it can be used to receive and transmit information using light signals.

In turn, it is these signals that can be used to study the movement and structural transformations of protein molecules. It is enough just to attach this antenna to them.

Note that developers are already trying to make their development commercially viable.

It is expected that such antennas will be produced and packaged accordingly, and any other interested scientific groups or pharmacological organizations will be able to use ready-made antennas for their own purposes.


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