Scientists have explained the occurrence of the sensation of someone else’s presence in the room

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(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists continue to explore one of the most mysterious phenomena of psychology – the feeling of someone else’s presence in the room.

As you know, many people periodically have the feeling that someone else is next to them, even if there is no one else.

Despite the fact that this phenomenon occurs quite often, the scientific explanation of its nature is still a mystery.

New research by scientists from the University of Tokyo is trying to unravel the mystery of this phenomenon, based on neurophysiological and neurocognitive data.

Scientists say that the feeling of someone else’s presence is the result of an imbalance in the work of the cerebral hemispheres.

During the study, participants were presented with special glasses that displayed their own body with a delay of two seconds.

This created the illusion that the body was in a different place and evoked a feeling of someone else’s presence.

Scientists also argue that the feeling of someone else’s presence may be associated with disturbances in the work of those parts of the brain that are responsible for orientation in space and perception of one’s body.

While these studies may provide new insights into how the brain works, they don’t solve all the mysteries around the phenomenon of sensing someone else’s presence.

Scientists continue to explore this topic and hope to gain a deeper understanding of how our brains work and how our perceptions are formed.


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