Why no country buys modern Chinese fighter jets

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(ORDO NEWS) — Several fighter models are produced in China, but other countries are in no hurry to buy them. Why is this happening – tells the host of the Binkov’s Battlegrounds channel.

According to the expert, over the past few years, China has made significant progress in aerospace production. Now the country has even stealth fighters.

However, at the same time, China over the same period was unable to sell almost a single such fighter. What is the reason?

Earlier, when relations between the USSR and China were tense, Chinese copies of Soviet aircraft were sold abroad. For example, the J-5 was designed under license from the MiG-17 and was used in many countries (Vietnam, Albania, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.).

There was also a J-6 (a copy of the MiG-19), but it was already used in more states. Added to the list of countries, for example, Iran, Iraq, Egypt.

Then came the Q-5, an attack aircraft that was produced as a result of a change to the J-6. The best-selling Chinese aircraft is now considered the J-7 (created on the basis of the MiG-21).

Then why does the author claim that no one really wants to buy Chinese-made fighter jets? Aircraft models are purchased by the same countries, and the models are outdated.

So, it is for this reason that China failed to sell J-8, JH-7, J-10, J-10CE, FC-31 outside the country. Even modified versions of fighters were not and are not in demand.

Why no country buys modern Chinese fighter jets 2

There is only one fighter that is still for sale. This is FC-1 (or JF-17). The model was created at the request of Pakistan to develop a fighter. As a result, Argentina, Malaysia, Morocco, Qatar, Kuwait, Venezuela were added to the list of regular customers. But no other country in the world bought this plane.

One of the reasons for this is the need for Russia to grant permission to sell abroad. The thing is that a Russian-made engine is installed in the fighter.

Now with the sale of Chinese fighters abroad, difficulties may also arise due to tense relations between China and the United States. The states are trying to influence other states and win them over to their side, and not to the side of the PRC.

True, the J10, which will be equipped with Chinese engines, may still have a better sales situation. Like the JF-17. But regular customers (many of them) purchased Chinese aircraft about 10 years ago, which means that they do not need to replace these models yet.

And some of these buyers are now cooperating for the most part with other countries (Egypt – with France, Russia).

There is also a problem with the training of pilots during the transition to Chinese fighters. They are used to acting according to a certain scenario, and they will have to get used to the new model, perhaps develop a new plan of action, conduct new exercises, etc.


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