Coronavirus vaccine may “not meet expectations”

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine will not be widely available until mid-2021, according to the German government. This was stated by the Minister of Education and Research of Germany Anya Karlicek.

According to her, the research is designed so that the expected breakthrough does not always happen. Moreover, it is likely that the vaccine “will not meet all expectations”: for example, it will provide protection only from a severe form of the disease, or this protection will need to be constantly updated.

Earlier, the head of the German Ministry of Health, Jens Spahn, did not rule out that the search for a vaccine in the event of adverse events would take several years.

In the meantime, after weakening social restrictions, infection in the new coronavirus in Germany accelerated. According to the Berlin Robert Koch Institute of Virology, the base rate of infection reproduction has exceeded the critical mark of 1 and has already reached a value of 1.10. Thus, each person infected with coronavirus infects more than one healthy person on average.

A few days ago, on May 7, this reproduction rate was 0.65. To reduce the spread of coronavirus, the reproduction rate should be lower than 1. Its current growth, according to a report by the Koch Institute, requires very careful monitoring of the situation in the coming days.

According to the representative of the German Ministry of Health, Hanno Kautz, the country’s government takes data on the increase in the reproduction rate of the new coronavirus seriously, but it cannot be concluded from this outbreak of the disease. There are fewer new cases in Germany now, so statistical fluctuations are possible, he explained. More accurate conclusions are supposed to be made by observing the development of the epidemic in the following days.

According to the Worldometers portal , about 172 thousand people were infected with the coronavirus in Germany, more than 145 thousand have already recovered. Over the past 24 hours, 120 new cases have been registered; in total, 7,569 people died during the pandemic in the country.


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