On Brighton Beach, a creature with teeth on its tail was discovered

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Lea Dennison and her partner on Brighton Beach discovered the corpse of some strange creature that lives in the ocean. We found it quite by accident during sports. Girls visit this beach daily due to quarantine because of the coronavirus.

Lea Dennison, who found a strange creature, took her find in the photo, hoping that someone could identify the animal thrown ashore.

On Brighton Beach a creature with teeth on its tail was discovered On Brighton Beach a creature with teeth on its tail was discovered

On that day, the girls walked along the beach and soon noticed the skeleton of some very strange animal. On his tail were teeth. In the photo you can see that on the creature’s head there is a gray and pink color, the eyes are black, white bumps are located throughout the body, and the tail is very long and at the same time prickly.

The growths on the tail, resembling teeth, stick out along the entire tail above and protrude on the sides. Leah and her partner were shocked by what they saw and could not even imagine what kind of animal it might be. They had never seen anything like it before.

Experts say that most likely this is a sea fox. Most often, representatives of this species are found directly next to the British Isles. The animal was listed in the Red Book. Cases when people saw a sea fox were recorded in most cases in January and December.

Sea foxes are quite interesting creatures. They live about 15 years and can reach a weight of 18 kilograms, and the body width of an adult is about 4 feet. During the day, these unique animals hide in the sand and go hunting at night. They hunt for crabs and other types of crustaceans, which they can easily kill with the help of their strong and large jaws.


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