Coronavirus gradually plunges US into crisis

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The coronavirus pandemic put an end to US leadership in the international arena, with this assessment made by the French publication Le Monde. They say that the States are gradually losing their trump card – economic power – and are plunged into crisis. What does Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors in the world, think about this?

California authorities advised citizens to stay home. Those decided that this was a great reason to be outraged and hold a mass rally at the Capitol in Sacramento.

“We need to discover California, this pandemic is ridiculous. Everything that happens is done to control us, not against the virus. And we practice our constitutional right to freedom of assembly.”

Exactly the same stock in the states of Oregon and Kentucky. And in Washington, protesting truck drivers parked them next to the White House and honk to attract attention.

Financier Warren Buffett suggests this is just the beginning – the States are at the beginning of global turmoil.

“The range of opportunities for the economic side is still extraordinarily wide. We don’t know exactly what happens when you voluntarily close a significant part of your society. In 2008, the train of our economy was already derailed. Then there were reasons for this – problems of banks and so on Further, now we took the train off the track and put it on the sidelines. I do not know examples when such an important country, which produces a lot, has a large population, pushes its own economy, its labor force. This inevitably gives rise to concern and not on the part of society, it affects the psyche, someone loses accumulations. This is an experiment. How it will end, we will soon get an answer,” Buffett comments on the situation.

Buffett’s company, incidentally, reported a quarterly loss of $ 50 billion. And economic problems are far from the main consequence of the coronavirus . Reported cases in the USA – more than one million one hundred thirty thousand.

The number of victims is approaching seventy thousand. Joe Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president, decided to take advantage of the crisis moment. On his Twitter, he accused Trump of having destroyed everything that had been created under him and Obama.

“We left the instructions. He ignored them. We set up an office to prepare for the pandemic. He gutted him. We had employees from the Center for Disease Control in China to detect and control the outbreaks. He pulled out, removed them from there. Trump can be any number try to blame it, but the fact is that it was his actions that left us unprepared.”

American lawmakers fear returning to work. Donald Trump invited them to get tested. The leaders of both houses, Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi, issued a statement, the essence of which is thanks for the offer, but no, US hospitals need these tests.

Trump responded on Twitter. He writes that there are enough tests in the country, lawmakers are looking for a reason not to go to work. And once again he called the speaker of the lower house “insane Nancy.”


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