Today is World Press Freedom Day

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — World Press Freedom Day is celebrated on Sunday. It was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993.

The initiative to celebrate this day belongs to the representatives of the independent press of African countries, which adopted a declaration on May 3, 1991. It called on the governments of the world to ensure freedom of the press and its democratic character.

Each year has its own theme; in 2020 it is “Journalism without fear and bias.”

The celebration of the UNESCO World Prize is timed to coincide with this day. It is awarded to someone who has made a significant contribution to protecting freedom of the press, especially if the activity has been associated with risk or repression. In 2007, the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya was posthumously awarded the prize.

According to Vladimir Solovyov, chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia, in 2019, 211 violations of the rights of Russian journalists were recorded. Among the violations – the lack of access to journalists at the conference, the refusal to provide information, threats, beatings.

By the way, May 5th in the USSR was marked the Day of Soviet Press; in 1992, this date was postponed to January 13, and it was called Russian Press Day.


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