South Korea commented on rumors of North

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Donald Trump said he was glad that Kim Jong-un appeared in public in good health. A senior source in the presidential administration in South Korea said that Kim Jong-un did not have any operations. Why did the fact that the DPRK leader was alive have to be proved?

Kim is alive: this news, which in fact is not news at all, but rather a refutation of rumors, delighted US President Donald Trump .

“For example, I am glad to see that he is back and feeling good!”

Earlier, when American journalists asked the head of the White House to comment on persistent rumors about a serious illness and even the death of Kim Jong-un, the answer was invariably foggy: “I understand what is happening, but I just can’t talk about Kim Jong-un now. I just hope that everything will be fine. However, I understand the situation perfectly. ”

Trump had to get away from the direct answer until the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea published photos of Kim from the opening ceremony of the Suncheon Fertilizer Plant on May 1 . This is the first appearance of a North Korean leader in public in 3 weeks.

Immediately followed by a reaction from the south of the Korean Peninsula. In Seoul, the guilty were found, and the people were reassured.

“The groundless information spread by the DPRK defectors led to the emergence of a large number of unnecessary speculation in our society. In this regard, I would like to note: all information regarding North Korea should be based on real facts and carefully checked,” the Ministry of Association of the Republic of Korea said.

True, official Seoul even spoke in a similar tone before the publication of the CTC. Thus, the administration of the President of the Republic of Korea stated: the absence of the DPRK leader in public is an internal affair of North Korea.

The noise around Kim Jong-un’s absence began to rise when he did not come to celebrate Sunday on April 15th. So in North Korea is called the main state holiday – the birthday of Kim Il Sung. Then, on the Daily NK defector’s website, which is funded by an American think tank, it was reported that the DPRK leader allegedly underwent serious heart surgery.

The source of the messages, of course, was not called. And then the New York Post completely hastened to announce the death of Kim Jong-un. Fake news was immediately picked up by many Western media and even seriously began to discuss a possible successor to Kim .

However, rumors about the demise of the DPRK leaders now and then arise over the past 30 years. Back in the 80s, the West tried to create the myth of a “heart attack” by Kim Il Sung, then in the 90s a legend was born in the media that the military and military service allegedly shot the father and grandfather of the current DPRK leader. And then they also referred to some unnamed, but supposedly very authoritative sources. And when the sensational news was denied, the authors of the scandalous publications apologized in no hurry.


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