Consequences of the complete destruction of the “Doomsday Glacier”

(ORDO NEWS) — In the event that the Thwaites Glacier eventually breaks away, it will cause several of the largest metropolitan areas to be under water. Today, the Doomsday Glacier is being held back solely by the shelf, which could collapse completely over the next ten years.

Most likely, the Thwaites glacier will collapse after a complete split into the ocean, which will cause truly catastrophic consequences. This is indicated by the results of studies carried out some time ago. When this huge block of ice gets into the ocean, it will provoke a rise in the total sea level by at least 65 centimeters.

When compared with past indicators, literally since 1900, the sea level has increased by 20 centimeters. This led to numerous floods, salt water pollution. Not only many people, but also a huge number of animals all over the planet were left without a habitual habitat.

Experts worry that if the Thwaites glacier is in the ocean, it could pull other glaciers with it. The chain reaction can be explained by the fact that the glaciers located on the territory of West Antarctica are quite vulnerable to such a mechanism as the instability of the sea ice cliff.

In the event that they fall into the water, then in a matter of days this will increase the ocean level by a couple of meters at once, if not more. A huge amount of water will flood the largest cities in the world. Such megacities as Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, Mumbai and others will be under the layer of sea water. Many other coastal areas will also be threatened. These include the Maldives, Kiribati and Tuvalu.

The Thwaites Glacier may be similar in size to the UK. Experts call it not only the largest, but also the widest glacier in the world. It is held back only by the floating ice platform, which is called the ice shelf. But scientists have repeatedly stated that the shelf is showing too high rates of destabilization. Erin Petit, who works at the University of Oregon, said that cracks were found in the eastern part of the ice shelf, so it could completely collapse in literally the next decade.

If the destruction of the ice shelf happens, then the Doomsday glacier itself will immediately be in the ocean and will lead to the consequences described above. It is worth paying attention to the fact that not all experts support so many pessimistic forecasts.

Earlier we wrote that a giant crack has formed on the Doomsday Glacier. A giant crack has formed in front of the huge Doomsday Glacier. Ecologists say that the end result may be a complete destruction of this ice massif. This may happen within the next five years.

And also recall that scientists have found out why the Doomsday glacier is melting so quickly. As shown by the next study of specialists, the Thwaites glacier, which is located on the territory of West Antarctica, is melting rather quickly under the influence of the internal heat of the Earth. In the event that the glacier melts completely, it will provoke a rise in the level of the world ocean by at least 65 cm. This will lead to catastrophic consequences. Most of this situation will affect the inhabitants of coastal cities around the world.


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