Chinese space company reveals plans for 5 years

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(ORDO NEWS) — China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation ( CASIC) has unveiled its five-year plan to commercialize space.

The five-year plans of the state company included the creation of a reusable orbital rocket plane, a satellite system and the improvement of old missiles.

“In the next five years, CASIC will strengthen the existing aerospace system. We plan to reduce lead times and increase the frequency of commercial rocket launches, as well as conduct new research on the reuse of launch vehicles to reduce costs. ”stated Fu Zhimin, Chief Technologist of CASIC.

One of the main goals of the program is to test a reusable spaceplane system called Tengyun. It is reported that the orbital rocket plane will be able to deliver into orbit both cargo and passengers. It will also be able to launch satellites. CASIC notes that it will be possible to launch and land from any airport. Interestingly, Tengyun can also be used for military purposes (detecting and attacking spacecraft and satellites, intercepting ballistic missiles).

CASIC also plans to launch satellites to provide Internet access to remote areas of the country. Online Edition Futurism noted that the technology that CASIC is going to use is very similar to SpaceX‘s Starlink.

The corporation’s future plans also touched on Kuaizhou missiles. CASIC is currently developing much larger solid-propellant rockets, the Kuaizhou-21 and Kuaizhou-31, according to SpaceNews.


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