Billionaire Warren Buffett warns humanity of new threats

(ORDO NEWS) — American billionaire Warren Buffett is known by many as the “Oracle of Omaha”. Some time ago, he received a new warning for all mankind. He believes that people will face a terrible new pandemic, the death rate from which will be much higher than from the coronavirus. Buffett made such a statement during the CNBC television show.

This is reported by Entrepreneur.

The popular investor added that today there are a huge number of biological, nuclear, chemical and other threats. All of them can cause horrific consequences. At the moment, humanity is not ready to face any of them. Buffett also said that the coronavirus made him understand only one thing – the world is not ready to face emergencies, and it does not matter how serious they will be.

The coronavirus has affected economies around the world. In addition, the billionaire noted the fact that the pandemic has caused uneven economic impact on business. Small enterprises suffered the most, and some of them ceased to function altogether. At the same time, according to Buffett, other companies were at their peak. For example, companies engaged in the production and sale of cars began to receive huge profits. The billionaire noted that the pandemic has become extremely unpredictable for many, but at the same time it was able to help some companies to start developing more actively.


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