The secret to longevity is found in the right meal times

(ORDO NEWS) — Life expectancy is reduced as a result of the influence of certain diseases on the human body. This also applies to diabetes mellitus. This pathology is considered chronic and its main characteristic is the presence of high blood sugar levels. After some time, the disease causes damage to some organ systems. The blood vessels and nerves are most affected. Experts have found that raising or increasing glucose levels in the presence of a disease can be affected by the time of day at which a sick person is eating.

This is reported by Express.

Experts from Northwestern University, which is located in Chicago, studied the data of a huge number of patients. Almost 11 thousand people were divided into three groups, taking into account how much time they eat and into six subgroups, taking into account the time of day. It was found that those people who ate food before 8:30 in the morning had lower blood sugar levels. At the same time, how much time was spent on eating during the day did not play any role.

The study authors noted that time plays a very important role, and also has a direct effect on metabolic rates. It was previously thought that glucose levels were more influenced by the duration of meals and other meals.

Considering the results of the study, it is necessary to pay special attention to breakfast, or rather the time when food is consumed. Well-being throughout the day will largely depend on this, as well as life expectancy and further development of diabetes mellitus.


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