Bill Gates warns of a pandemic worse than COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — Bill Gates, who is the founder of Microsoft and a successful businessman, made a statement that a new pandemic may soon appear that will be more dangerous than the coronavirus.

The billionaire noted that despite the fact that Delta and Omicron appeared, which can be classified as transmissible strains, people may face a rather serious pathogen in the near future.

It will cause not only a new pandemic, but also a huge number of deaths around the world. In order to avoid the dire consequences that another disease can lead to, Gates urges heads of state to prepare for the fact that huge amounts of money will be required.

The businessman believes that he will have to spend billions, but this will help prevent economic damage, which will be in the trillions, as well as save millions of human lives. Most of the responsibility rests with developed countries, their governments, and philanthropists who can help address the very disparate access to vaccines that are effective today.

Gates pays special attention to the fact that many innovative developments can positively affect the world’s problems of a global nature. For example, a truly effective vaccine could be developed to help fight diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis or malaria.

The Bill Gates Foundation itself, as well as another UK fund, the Wellcome Trust, are ready to provide $ 300 million, which will be transferred to the account of the Coalition for Pandemic Preparedness Innovation. Thanks to a specially designed COVAX program, the necessary amount of vaccines will be delivered to middle- and low-income countries.


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