More than a hundred millionaires asked to raise taxes for them

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of incredibly wealthy people who call themselves “Patriotic Millionaires” sent an open letter to the World Economic Forum, which is located in Davos. They asked to create the most fair tax system in the near future, as well as to increase taxes for really rich people.

The letter was signed by Abigail Disney, who is the direct heiress of the huge Disney corporation, as well as Nick Hanauer, the main investor in Amazon.

Millionaires are confident that today there is a rather serious “crisis of confidence” in relation to the international financial system. They noted that today it is inequality that is the main problem, and the established tax system is not entirely fair.

The appeal states that until the forum participants demand high taxes from rich people, all other people in the world will see another performance when millionaires try to solve the next world problems.

“Patriotic millionaires” are confident that the super-rich should invest in the recovery of the economy, which has suffered as a result of the pandemic, much more than they are required to.

The last two years have brought a lot of suffering to all of humanity, but many have managed to get rich during this time, but only a part can honestly admit that they really pay the most fair taxes.

Since the spring of 2020, the total wealth of the ten richest people on the planet has almost doubled. The UK-based chapter of Patriotic Millionaires has calculated that the tax could be increased to 2% for those with $5 million, to 3% for those with over $50 million, and to 5% for billionaires.

Due to this, every year it will be possible to have an additional 2.5 trillion dollars. This amount will lift approximately 2.3 billion people out of poverty. In addition, it is possible to provide absolutely all countries with a sufficient number of vaccines against coronavirus.


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