Bill Gates’ not entirely happy coronavirus outlook

(ORDO NEWS) — In the next six months, we should not expect an improvement in the situation with the coronavirus. The news about the disease will soon be extremely bad.

The not-so-happy prediction regarding COVID-19 comes from Microsoft founder Bill Gates. He stated that in cold weather, the virus begins to multiply at an incredible rate. At the same time, people will spend more time indoors, which will not have a very positive effect on their health.

Also, do not forget that the pandemic has been raging for a long time and people have accumulated some fatigue. Some things become more difficult to do, for example, communicate less with your friends or visit crowded places as little as possible.

Bill Gates believes that the situation will only get a little better after an effective coronavirus vaccine is launched into mass production. Also, during his interview, Geys once again began to refute all those theories put forward by conspiracy theorists.

These theories also relate to the coronavirus pandemic. One of them says that Gays uses a virus to implant chips in humans. This will allow you to control them in the future. Due to the fact that this false information is spreading very quickly, Bill Gays began to blame social networks.

Earlier, Gates has already reported that the pandemic will end only in 2022 and only if vaccinations are started next year. At the same time, the United States should start helping those countries that are developing. He also added that due to the coronavirus pandemic, about 20 years of struggle with other serious pathologies were destroyed.


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