Aliens will save humanity in 2050

(ORDO NEWS) — UN forecast: the standard of living on Earth will fall from year to year. Only the World Government can correct the situation. Or brothers in mind from space.

At the end of January, the UN published a pessimistic report “Millennium Environmental Assessments”: for our grandchildren, the life of today’s society may seem like an impossible “golden age” to which they will never come close. (Full paper:

What is the essence

From the middle of the 19th century, thanks to the success of medicine and science, the number of earthlings began to increase rapidly. Now there are 6.5 billion of us. And by 2050, according to the most conservative estimates, there will be 9 billion. And, of course, not all of them, but most of them will be able to eat well, be treated effectively, drive a car, live in a comfortable home. Everyone has already heard about the dwindling reserves of oil and gas, but more prosaic materials will also be lacking.

For example, according to the forecasts of scientists, in the first half of the 21st century, as many buildings will be built all over the world as in the entire history of the human race – from where to get so much forest, clay, sand, and other building materials.

What to do

The UN is considering options for the development of mankind for the next half century. First, each country only cares about its citizens, spitting on the world community. In this case, wars over resources will become more frequent. What we are now seeing.

The opposite option is globalization at the governmental level. Unified control over resources, agriculture, scientific programs. For example, so far we have no alternative to oil and gas as fuel. This means that all the intellectual resources of the planet must be devoted to solving this problem. Another example is that the authorities of developed countries pay subsidies to their farmers to support agriculture. Therefore, their products are much cheaper than in developing countries. And it is already unprofitable to develop farming there. It is an unstable system that can collapse at any moment.

The way out: in order to painlessly survive the growth of the population, there must be uniform rules of the game for the whole world.

Why the Maya Indians died out

British scientist Jared Diamond believes that at one time the civilizations of the Maya Indians and the inhabitants of Easter Island faced the same problems as modern mankind. Could not solve them, and from this they died out.

“In the beginning, these communities were great – the economy was developing and the population was growing,” says Dr. Diamond. – But the overuse of resources led to the fact that they cut down all the forests. The consequence is soil erosion, reduction of arable land, famine, wars, degradation of society. And then they have never been able to rise to the previous level.

Let’s wait for help from heaven

– Could something like this happen to us? – shrugs the shoulders of the Russian futurist Alexei KOVALEV. – Why not? It is hard to believe that now so divided humanity will unite in a decade or two and cope with a global catastrophe. But on the other hand, the remaining inhabitants of Easter and representatives of other dying civilizations were still saved by European sailors. Of course, they brought with them “fire water”, venereal diseases and other “European” values. But there were medicines, and firearms for hunting, and modern farming methods. By analogy, one can imagine that the Earth is the same lost island in the ocean of space. And someday such galactic conquistadors will land on our shore. Maybe they will turn out to be rare good-natured people and will help to cleanse the atmosphere for free, will teach you how to control the weather, will give you a “perpetual motion machine” and other benefits of the highest alien civilization. But it is possible that they will turn out to be disgusting creatures – they will bring together all earthly women of childbearing age – and greetings from deep space.

– And I believe that the aliens will help us, – says the coordinator of the International UFO Union Alexei NIKITENKO. – Judging by the ancient chronicles, before the “little green men” came to us not so often. But in the twentieth century, there was an incredible amount of evidence of UFOs. It turns out that the brothers in mind are worried? Are they afraid for us? And they do not interfere in our affairs yet, because we have not come to the end to the point “X”, when the death of civilization will already be irreversible. Some three-headed toad-breathing professor from Aldebaran sits now, invisible to us on Earth’s orbit, and studies the psychology of the behavior of earthlings in extreme situations. And at a critical moment, he will open and give some good advice.

However, there is another version. Young alien students are taken to us to give an object lesson: here, they say, look how the fools-earthlings destroy themselves. An instructive example for the entire Galaxy.

I wonder who is the author of the alien figurine? And did he not sculpt it from nature?


Alien in the bank

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, 54-year-old Englishman Barney Broome, sorting through the trash in the attic, made a strange find. In a tightly sealed plastic jar filled with a clear liquid, a 30-centimeter figurine of an alien was floating. In appearance, he is very reminiscent of brothers in mind from the allegedly famous documentary film about the autopsy of aliens, whose “flying saucer” crashed in 1947 in the US in the town of Roswell.

However, it turned out that the find was not an alcoholized mummy, but a figurine made of some clay-like substance. But it’s strange that the four-fingered alien has a tag with an inventory number on the leg, and the can itself was wrapped in an old 1947 newspaper.

Barney Broome lives in North Norfolk. There are two American air bases here, and senior military personnel often rent from locals. And according to one version, the alien figurine was left by one of the Americans. But why it was made is a mystery.


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