Nobel laureate meets a talking raccoon

(ORDO NEWS) — A strange story happened to Nobel Prize laureate Carey Mallis, who left a number of his memoirs after his death in 2019. In them, he described not only the path of becoming a scientist, but also the oddities that he encountered in life.

Who would have thought that a genius and talented researcher would meet a talking raccoon? In the work “Dancing naked in the field of mind” there is a chapter “Aliens are not allowed.” In it, a man told how one day in 1985, on a plot of a house in Mendocino County (California), he saw some kind of light under a spruce. It happened at night, Carey pointed a flashlight at an incomprehensible entity and saw a raccoon.

Suddenly the beast said: “Good evening, doctor.” After this phrase, the man vaguely remembers everything that happens.

Mollison’s morning was even stranger: he found that all the lamps were talking, and fruits and vegetables were scattered on the floor. As the man walked around the territory in an attempt to remember everything, a strong feeling of fear swept over him.

The scientist was able to return to the house only after a while: he began to scream at it and shoot bullets into the cursed fir tree in the hope that all the evil spirits would leave. It probably worked: nothing else bothered Mallis.

It is important to note that the incident happened when the man was sane: he had not taken drugs or drank for a long time. In Malice’s house, his friend and daughter also encountered the frightening creature. It happened in 1993 during a party.

A fellow scientist saw a luminous man of short stature who suddenly became an ordinary person. The daughter observed the strangeness, being in the house herself, but she told about it only after the death of her father and reading his memoirs. No one can explain anything, only one thing is known for sure: not everything is in order with the house, otherworldly beings live in it.


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