A terrible dream of the ruling elite-51

(ORDO NEWS) — The super-elitist Rothschild sleeps and has a dream about his young years. He is a lecturer at Swinton University. Sitting at his desk in a small classroom, he carefully notes the teacher’s story in a thick leather-bound notebook. A pretty woman is giving a lecture on the subject “The Art of War” to young elitists. And this is what the diligent student writes on the pages of his notebook.

Art of War. History lesson

The strategy of actions of successful military commanders is similar to aikido, where the fighter manages to assimilate the energy of each incoming blow, immediately turning it against his enemy. The highest skill here is to destroy the enemy with his own forces. Let’s look at a historical example.

In 2020, the globalists decided to carry out the main point of their plan to establish a new world order – to seize power in the United States. By that time, the country had already been “prepared”: almost all industrial production was moved to Southeast Asia. Key American corporations were ruled by the Chinese, who bought up a large number of shares, bringing their share to 25-30% – a level sufficient for real control. With leverage, they stole technological secrets and siphoned money out of businesses. In cases where corporate leaders stuck, they used the dirtiest methods: bribery, blackmail, drugs, involvement in dirty sex scandals, and so on.

The Chinese party leadership worked closely with the globalists entrenched in the UN, as the latter promised to make China a new superpower, controlling the whole world with the help of their economic and military might.

The change of superpowers was being prepared for a long time and slowly, until President Trump came to power. And he, by the way, did not want to become president, but he was persuaded by the White Hats. This is a group of real patriots of their homeland from the army and special services. It is worth noting that both the military forces and the special services in the United States at that time were heterogeneous. For example, one part of the CIA was engaged in drug trafficking with the delivery of drugs from Afghanistan to Western countries by NATO aircraft, while the other honestly served the country. CIA units traded slaves for sexual services and human organs, channeling the proceeds of cash dollars to destabilize the situation in various countries, including the United States itself.

Rule 1. Do not show your strength in any way

Since March 2020, independent financial observers have sounded the alarm: “President Trump is repeating the same destructive actions that President Obama did twelve years earlier . ” After the globalists collapsed stock indices by a record amount, the US Federal Reserve announced that credit banks are no longer required to have a 10% cash reserve. That is, they may not keep the cash in case customers want to withdraw their money. It looked completely ominous.

On March 17, it was announced that Treasury chief Steve Mnuchin is deploying a range of special purpose financial mechanisms that can issue various commercial bonds to support a plunging stock market. Two days later, it became known that the Fed would give corporations four trillion dollars in loans to “save the economy . ” On March 25, the Fed announced an additional $ 2 trillion to be issued as stimulus measures to tackle the coronavirus downturn.

Rule 2. Do not advertise your true goals

Citizens were disappointed that the government was again bailing out bankrupt businesses at the expense of conscientious taxpayers. “We expected Trump to act differently than Obama! , – they were upset. ” Is Trump a cheater too?”

The virus was real, and the epidemic was fake. The plan of the globalists who released an artificially created virus had goals:

  • destroy the US economy to weaken the country and reduce the chances of Trump’s re-election;
  • stabilize the economy of the globalist clique, which suffered heavy losses due to the White Hats special operations. They have already cut drug supply chains, stopped illegal human trafficking and other crimes;
  • prevent the exposure of Hillary Clinton;
  • spoil Trump’s re-election campaign;
  • bring the US economy to the point of no return, when the old business models no longer work;
  • to introduce compulsory vaccination of the population with an eye on the introduction of radio frequency identification tags into the bodies of citizens;
  • to prepare the ground for protests, uprisings and various unrest, which would allow the introduction of the UN Armed Forces into the country to seize power;
  • to establish in the United States of America a specific form of socialism.

Rule 3. Do not prevent the enemy from discrediting himself

Democrats have worked closely and are still working with China as the globalists intend to make China the new center of the world economy and politics. Regularly receiving additional salaries from China, they carefully coordinate with the CCP. When the virus began to spread in China, Democrats initiated proceedings to impeach President Trump. In doing so, however, they initially kept their hearings and reports secret.

The investigation against Trump was completed on December 18, 2019, after which the case was stalled. Instead of handing over the impeachment materials to the Senate, the Democrats shelved them. What was Speaker Nancy Pelosi waiting for? She waited for the virus to reach the United States.

In January 2020, the coronavirus was officially detected in the United States. The impeachment materials were immediately transferred to the Senate. International media corporations controlled by globalists have completely focused on the topic of impeachment of Trump, understating the danger of coronavirus. It said that the virus is not transmitted from person to person: “There is no threat and there is no problem”.

On January 31, the Senate voted against the impeachment of the president for lack of real evidence of his guilt. Immediately after that, the media corporate press switched to hysteria around the coronavirus, whipping up fears and creating panic among the population. The people were told, “Stay home. Take care of yourself. Work from home whenever possible. Don’t pay rent. Wear masks and keep 1.5 meters apart.”

Schools and universities have closed. There were statements that tests for coronavirus are needed, equipment for lung ventilation is needed, masks and much more made in China are needed.

American hospitals began to give everyone covid diagnoses because they received more money from the state-supported Medicare program. And for the treatment of a patient who was put on artificial ventilation of the lungs (causing great harm to health), the hospital received a threefold amount, which can be called bribery of medicine. The logic of the globalist fascists was simple: by increasing the number of “seriously ill patients,” they would further increase fear.

Rule 4. Wait until the enemy in his actions reaches the point of absurdity

In March-April, globalists managed to close a huge number of enterprises in the spheres of public catering, entertainment and tourism. In a number of states, wearing a mask has become mandatory. There have been dire exaggerations in the reported numbers of covid patients. Hospitals were allegedly overwhelmed with coronavirus patients. Meanwhile, bloggers showed empty wards in their reports. The media insisted that there was no cure for the virus and no vaccines. Passion-muzzles have reached their highest mark. The people were terribly scared.

The globalists tried to destroy all the shifts in the American economy, which Trump managed to achieve in three years. They were convinced that it would not be possible to restart the economy by the time of the elections. And then all the blame for the economic catastrophe can be pinned on the incumbent president, who “performed poorly in a pandemic situation.”

At the same time, the globalists hoped to corrupt the population. It was hoped that, sitting at home and having no sources of income, people would get used to “easy” money and begin to adopt a socialist approach – subsidies. Getting paid for doing nothing, they will then refuse to return to work and Trump will not be able to restart the economic machine.

Rule 5. Examine the enemy’s plans

That being said, the globalists’ biggest goal was to lock Americans back at home ahead of the November 3, 2020 presidential election. In such circumstances, universal suffrage by mail becomes a natural solution, the results of which are very easily falsified.

Democrats and other American globalists have sought to get rid of Trump before he gets to them and punishes them for treason.

Another goal of the quarantine is to divide people, anger them and keep them home in preparation for a key moment – when carefully orchestrated protests were to provide cover for the release of “anti-fascist” gangs. Their task was simple – to turn any protest into an uprising, destroying property, attacking, beating and killing people. The globalists wanted to use all the frustration and anger people had accumulated during their forced isolation. For people to scold the police, government, skin color … everyone and everything. And thereby to further obscure, not allowing the population to think clearly and see the truth – how they are being manipulated. And so that people would by no means guess that a clique of globalists is trying to seize control of the United States of America, and then the entire planet.

If they succeeded, the globalists would regain control over the United States and continue the path to the collapse of all states, the collapse of the international financial system and the establishment of a new world order.

Rule 6. Seek the broadest possible support

It is worth noting that the Trump team knew the globalists’ plan in detail long before it was accepted for execution. The White Hats could have simply arrested the leaders, but they did not. They needed to awaken the people of the United States and the entire Western world, so that people realize that they must actively participate in the struggle. Otherwise, half of the population will be destroyed, and the rest will fall into terrible slavery. At the same time, it was impossible to rely only on a group of patriots, it was necessary to direct the energy of huge human masses in the right direction.

The White Hats have identified the main threats.

The first threat was that the healthcare system was turned into a weapon and used to gain preliminary control in the United States and other countries. Instead of the local authorities, bribed chief doctors began to dispose of the regions.

The second threat is that the globalists pushed for universal vaccination, despite the fact that there are effective medicines against the virus.

Trump allowed chief doctors to explain to the population what is needed to combat the epidemic. The move was well thought out: it allowed people to see the real nature of the medical system and understand how the globalists plan to control the population. Indeed: instead of the expected recommendations to strengthen the body’s natural immunity by taking vitamins, being in the fresh air and in the sun, exercise, diet, instead of taking long-known folk medicines (ginger, chaga mushroom and others), etc., pharmacists voiced a set measures to organize concentration camps – small (at home) and large (quarantine zones). They insisted on wearing masks that restrict the supply of oxygen and thereby weaken the body. Everything became obvious to the people.

Rule 7. Combine psychological and power protection

The American army, with its engineering troops, began rapidly building hospitals, which helped reduce psychological stress among citizens. The Americans strongly trust their defenders, so the reception was a success, although the hospitals built were not needed – the epidemic was fake. It also helped psychologically confront globalist media corporations who insisted Trump was not coping with the pandemic.

Ships with military hospitals were sent to Los Angeles and New York – exactly the ports where the UN “peacekeeping” units were supposed to land. Key ports were blocked, and a large-scale military invasion became impossible.


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