How to protect yourself from the tricks of energy vampires

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(ORDO NEWS) — Any person can be an energy vampire, some may not even know who they are. Surely everyone has at least one friend, communication with whom is tiring, spoils the mood and takes all the energy. This is because that person is “recharged” with the energy of others, and the more vulnerable the victim, the more the vampire’s energy can drain him.

The energy vampire is

An energy vampire is one who has a low energy level for a long time, and therefore needs to replenish someone else’s energy. In most cases, a person unconsciously and involuntarily becomes an energy vampire.

Why are energy vampires dangerous?

Firstly, the weaker a person, the easier it is to take energy, because in this case the resistance is reduced to a minimum compared to a strong person.

Second, the easier it is to evoke emotion in a victim, the easier it is to feed on it. Most energy vampires act in this way: first they provoke a person, and then feed on his reaction.

The explanation is very simple. The stronger the victim’s emotions, the more energy he gives, and, in fact, the vampire can completely drain it. A clear example of energy vampirism: provoking emotions for energy.

The vampire can also cause severe headaches, excessive fatigue, guilt, and insecurity; he will definitely try to isolate the person from friends and family so that he has only him as the only contact person, and then it will be difficult to escape or get rid of him.

How to protect yourself from energy vampires

The easiest way to protect yourself from an energy vampire is not to fall prey to it at all. In many cases this can be avoided.

As mentioned above, vampires choose the most vulnerable victims for themselves. Do not allow yourself to be provoked! If a person is absolutely calm, then the energy vampire will simply have nothing to take. It is necessary to abstract from what is happening. You should communicate with the vampire carefully, politely, calmly, without a shadow of negative emotions. You need to be firm enough. Most likely, they will quickly lose interest in the person.

You should not look the energy vampire in the eyes, it is also better to put your palms together.

With an effort of will, you need to learn not to obey the vampire and place a mental screen in front of you – a glass wall through which you can look at a person. This method works especially well when dealing with a human vampire who is unconsciously drawing energy. This defense method is useful before the energy vampire appears. Protection will last approximately 3 hours. Helps to resist those people who consciously consume energy.


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