A moth the size of a rat found in Australia

(ORDO NEWS) — The fauna of Australia never ceases to amaze. For example, recently, a giant moth was found near one of the public schools in the city of Brisbane. Its dimensions are really impressive, it pleases that the insect has a calm disposition, and it is not dangerous.

This is reported by the Daily Mail portal.

The winged one is so large that it cannot even take to the air. It is not inferior in size to an adult rat. Schoolchildren who discovered the moth say they weren’t too surprised by their find, as Australia has a lot of unusual insects, reptiles and other animals.

The principal of the school where the moth was found suggests that it may be the largest moth in the world. This winged insect is found between New South Wales and Queensland. Individuals are outwardly covered with dark gray villi.

Dr. Christine Lambkin (head of entomology at the Queensland Museum) identified the giant. She claims to be Endoxyla Cinereus. These creatures are a very valuable specimen for the world of science, since they are little researched. Almost nothing is known about what moths do in their first year of life.

The usual length for these insects is on average 4 cm. They live in eucalyptus trees. Females and males do not fly, but “walk”.


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