In Africa, a woman gave birth to nine children instead of the expected seven

(ORDO NEWS) — Halima Cisse is the name of a mother with many children from Mali, who gave birth to 9 children. All would be fine, but during the whole pregnancy the doctors said that she had seven children. The happy mother now has 5 girls and 4 sons.

This is reported by the Daily Mail.

The woman was transported by helicopter from Mali. This case has attracted the attention of many countries. A mother with many children feels great. Children were born by cesarean section. We took delivery in one of the clinics in Morocco.

According to Rashid Ku Dhari (a spokesman for the Moroccan Ministry of Health), he did not know anything about the story of Halime Cisse. If they had known before, they would have observed the course of pregnancy more carefully. This is a unique case for medicine and an important experience for obstetricians and gynecologists.

This is a rather rare occurrence when a woman is carrying such a large number of children.

The pregnancy was going well, Halime really wanted all the children. On all ultrasounds, the doctor diagnosed 7 children. And another pair of twins was simply not visible. Now the mother and children are in the hospital. Children need to be examined and fed. Due to the fact that there were a lot of them, babies were born with low weight.

In a few weeks, the woman and the children will be allowed to go home. Halima and her family thank the doctors for the high level of professionalism and the excellent attitude of the medical staff towards her. After discharge, the family will be taken to their home in Mali.


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