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A giant unknown object crashed into Jupiter’s moon

A giant unknown object crashed into Jupiters moon

(ORDO NEWS) — Japanese scientists from the National University in Kobe (Japan) are confident that some unknown object with a diameter of about 150 kilometers crashed into Jupiter’s moon Ganymede.

It should be noted that the satellite has a fairly large size. At the moment, the collision assumption is still a theory.

If it can be confirmed, then the structures that can be seen on the surface of Ganymede will be the largest impact structures in the entire solar system that are known to scientists.

Employees of the Japanese University are fully confident that depressions on the surface of Jupiter’s huge moon Ganymede could be the result of the fall of a large cosmic body. Its approximate diameter was 150 kilometers.

It is worth noting that in total Jupiter has 79 satellites known to science, among which Ganymede is considered the largest. Its size exceeds even the size of the dwarf planet Pluto.

The satellite is larger than Mercury, but its mass is almost half that. The diameter of Ganymede reaches 5268 kilometers. Its feature is the presence of a magnetic field and its own atmosphere.

Some experts believe that under its surface it is likely that there may be an ocean filled with salt water.

On the surface of Ganymede there are a huge number of depressions, patterns and beards. Scientists suggest that the furrows of this huge satellite may be part of a concentric system of tectonic depressions.


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