A two-kilometer asteroid is approaching the Earth at high speed

(ORDO NEWS) — On May 27, a giant asteroid will fly by the Earth. Its flight speed reaches 72 thousand kilometers per hour. Representatives of NASA, due to its huge size, classified the space body as a potential one.

The asteroid was named 7335 (1989 JA) by specialists. Preliminary calculations have shown that the distance between the cosmic body and the Earth will be less than 2.5 million miles – about ten distances between our planet and the Moon.

Despite the fact that the distance is quite large, the object was still classified as potentially dangerous. The reason for this is that the asteroid has a huge size, and can also change the trajectory of its flight at any time and go astray.

In the event that this happens, the destruction on Earth will be catastrophic. The diameter of the cosmic body reaches about 2000 meters and it moves at a speed of 72 thousand kilometers per hour. To make it clearer, this speed of movement exceeds about 20 times the speed of a flying bullet.

Experts cannot currently establish at least an approximate mass of the asteroid. At the same time, there is information that the cosmic body is among the near-Earth objects. It approaches our planet from time to time.

The next approach of asteroid 7335 and the Earth will not happen soon – June 23, 2055. In this case, the distance will be much greater. Approximately 7 times more than what experts expect on May 27th.


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