Volcanism on Jupiter’s moon Io

(ORDO NEWS) — Geologists, studying the Earth , classify a particular volcano as active if it has shown at least some slightest activity over the past 400 years.

Based on this definition, we know that on Io , the moon of Jupiter , there are more than 400 mountains, depressions and faults, which are active volcanoes.

In fact, the Jupiter satellite is so volcanically active that there are no impact craters on its surface, as is the case, for example, with the Moon or Mars.

This is not because nothing has ever fallen on Io, but because the impact formations are “erased” rather quickly. In fact, Io is constantly “turning out” his own “insides” to renew the surface.

On average, the products of volcanic eruptions envelop the entire surface of Io at a rate of about a centimeter per year.

That is, in a century, Io acquires a meter layer of a new surface. On a geological scale, this is an incredibly rapid renewal.


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