81 degrees heat: new temperature record in Death Valley

(ORDO NEWS) — An incredible heat wave swept over the West of the United States, which provoked a rise in temperature to record highs. The hottest spot on Earth, as before, has become Death Valley, which is located in California. Reported by KFGO.

On Saturday, in the very center of the valley, the temperature was 54 degrees Celsius. In fact, it was slightly higher, but the thermometer showed different results. On Sunday, experts recorded an indicator of 56 degrees. If the temperature is correct, then it will be the highest ever observed on our planet. It is worth noting that the temperature of the sidewalk located in the immediate vicinity of the visitor center was 81.11 degrees.

Richard Rader came to Death Valley to see how hot it got there. He also added that he was able to cycle as much as 16 kilometers through the valley. The rest of the tourists practically did not leave their cars, where air conditioners were installed. They got out only to take a photo with a thermometer.

The northwestern United States is experiencing incredible heat. This rise in temperature affected not only people, but also electrical networks. The heat has provoked many forest fires. For example, in southern Oregon, residential buildings were threatened by fire. A lot of people were left without electricity as a result of the fire.


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