Scientists told what will happen if the Earth becomes twice as large

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts talked about what will happen if our planet doubles. They took into account not only catastrophic weather conditions, but even the extinction of all life on Earth.

This is reported by Science Focus.

If the density of the Earth remains the same, then due to the increase in the radius, the mass will also double – the indicator will increase eight times. This will affect the planet’s gravity, which will become twice as strong. This will provoke the fall of many plants, and the animals will not be able to run and will break their limbs.

The length of the day will also increase. The Earth will turn around its axis for a month, which will provoke a rather serious temperature imbalance. As a result, terrible storms will begin to occur, which will destroy almost all of the buildings present.

The amount of air on the planet will also increase. It can still be used for full breathing. The extra oxygen compensates for the effort it takes to pump blood to the brain. By increasing the density of the air, the birds will be much easier to fly, but most of them will have to land exclusively on the water so that the impact is not so hard due to the strong gravity.

The volume of radioactive elements will increase in the mantle. This will cause the temperature of the magma to rise. The planet’s crust will become somewhat thicker, and volcanoes will also actively erupt. A huge amount of carbon dioxide will enter the atmosphere, which will lead to a gradual greenhouse effect. This means that a doubling of the Earth will lead to the largest extinction that has just been recorded on the planet.


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