Two drunk American women entered a cafe to cook dumplings for themselves

(ORDO NEWS) — A very funny event happened in New York. Two drunk women decided to make themselves dumplings in cold water. To do this, they entered the Xi’an Famous Foods cafe at night and began to “cook”. The CCTV footage was posted by cafe owner Jason Wang. The man also spoke in more detail about the incident.

The perpetrators entered the cafe and started making dumplings in cold water. Of course, the desire for a snack should not cause negative emotions, but wandering outside your kitchen and using someone else’s equipment is not very good. This is still a violation and must be held accountable for.

Wang added that one of the women looked around all the time, because she understood that if they were caught, then the punishment could not be avoided. At the same time, the second woman was completely calm and behaved as in her own kitchen.

In the end, the perpetrators decided that they were not hungry and took the bag of raw dumplings with them. The owner of the cafe decided that he would not write a statement to the police. The women received an offer to contact Wang in the near future to resolve this issue. He is ready to forgive them, but only on condition that he will be compensated for the damage caused.


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