Astronomers have discovered a star that is shaped like a drop

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers have found a star in space that has a very strange shape. It looks like a huge blob and is part of a small binary system. A white dwarf revolves around the star, which has a strong enough gravity and thus affects it.

Reported by Nature Astronomy.

The star system, which was named HD265435, is located far enough from our planet. The droplet-shaped star is nearly 1,500 light-years away, making it somewhat problematic to explore.

Experts have suggested that if the white dwarf gains some more mass, this will lead to the ignition of its core and an incredibly violent explosion. As a result of this, a supernova will be born. Scientists suggest two options for the development of events. The dwarf can attract matter that belongs to another star, or in some way merge with it.

Experts do not know exactly how the formation of such supernovae occurs, but they are sure that this will happen, because such phenomena have repeatedly happened in different parts of space. The event will not affect our planet in any way, because the distance to the binary system is quite decent.

Using computer simulations, experts have found that the white dwarf is almost the same size as our planet. Its mass reaches the mass of the Sun. In this case, the mass of the star, which has a very original shape, is 0.6 solar masses. Such indicators are quite enough for a supernova to appear, which will be of type Ia. Experts noted that the process of supernova formation is quite long, so if an explosion occurs, it will not be earlier than 70 million years later.


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