2,000-year-old skull found in Peru

(ORDO NEWS) — In the course of their next study, which was carried out on the territory of Peru, archaeologists managed to find out that the most ancient evidence of surgical intervention is a special metal plate.It was attached to the somewhat elongated skull of a warrior who lived almost two thousand years ago.

It is believed that it was Peruvian surgeons who were among the first to perform surgery on the skull of a warrior who returned from battle with a severe head injury. In order to heal the fracture as quickly as possible, they carefully implanted a piece of metal into the skull.

An interesting point is that the implant was used as a plate, which in most cases was used to bind broken bones together. Until today, experts have not been able to establish what kind of composition this alloy had.

In addition, experts cannot say whether the ancient doctors used any kind of anesthesia, but they do know that at that time there were a fairly large number of natural remedies that made surgical procedures less painful.

Skull surgery is excellent evidence that the ancient peoples could easily cope with surgical as well as medical procedures, which were quite complex.

In most cases, it was customary to use silver or gold for such procedures. In the area of ​​Peru where scientists found the skull with a fracture, once upon a time there lived a lot of professional surgeons who did a pretty good job of treating injuries of this type.

The injury that the warrior received was quite common due to the fact that shells were used in battles, resembling slingshots in their appearance.

In addition, elongated skulls were very common in Peru 2 thousand years ago. Their deformation was carried out specifically from childhood. The heads of children were tied with a cloth, or the skull was fixed between two wooden plates.


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