Who should not swim in the hole for Epiphany

(ORDO NEWS) — Bathing in ice water at Epiphany is very popular, because this tradition allegedly allows you to strengthen the immune system and improve the whole body. In fact, everything is somewhat different.

Cold water can really be beneficial, but only if the person tempers himself on a regular basis. If people have never plunged into cold water before, then in this case everything can end not just with numerous health problems, but even with a fatal outcome.

Each person reacts differently to cold. In this case, the reaction depends on age and gender, health status and how high-quality physical training is present.

The Outdoor Swimming Society has provided data on what is considered the most dangerous event of cold shock. It is he who causes about 60% of deaths from immersion in cold water. It is worth noting that death in such situations will occur in the first few minutes.

Hypothermia can also be fatal. In this case, it comes after half an hour or more. Also, cold shock can cause a period of hyperventilation that cannot be controlled. Breathing gradually begins to accelerate, a person feels a strong panic.

The condition is very dangerous and often leads to loss of consciousness right in the water and people start to drown as a result.

Swimming in the hole should be abandoned to children under 6 years of age, pregnant women. Older children should be closely monitored. In addition, you should not follow the tradition in case of the following diseases:

  • Inflammatory processes in the throat, ears or nose;
  • Problems with the heart and blood pressure;
  • Neuritis, epilepsy;
  • Diabetes, thyroid problems;
  • Diseases of the skin.

It is advisable to visit an experienced specialist before diving into the hole. He will determine the state of a person’s health in order to understand whether a person can plunge into ice water or it is better to abandon this venture.

It is also worth following some rules.

  • Dive only in the presence of people who can call for medical help if necessary.
  • Bathing areas must be properly equipped.
  • Before diving, it is worth doing exercises to warm up the body.
  • You don’t have to dive right in.
  • Be sure to remove all metal jewelry.

Also, in no case should you take alcohol with you to “warm up”, because they will lead to the opposite effect and rapid loss of heat.


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