Teacher discovered a golden ring from the time of the Roman Empire

(ORDO NEWS) — A math teacher who lives in the small town of St. Just in Cornwall found an ancient ring in his backyard. It was made during the Roman Empire.

Mike Burke, who is also a retired military police officer, said that about a year ago he watched a very interesting series called The Detector. It was he who became the reason that the man began to be interested in the search for various treasures.

His wife was not against his new occupation and even gave him a very good metal detector. Just before the New Year, Burke went to his front garden in order to check if there were any interesting ancient relics there.

The teacher also said that he was not allowed to look for treasures in the front garden, because his wife grows various flowers there. But this time they were preparing to harvest the plants, so they could study the area in more detail. As a result, the man found an old gold ring weighing 12.8 grams.

The Briton immediately thought that the artifact was made during the existence of the Roman Empire, around the 1st-2nd century AD. He gave his find to the local museum in order to confirm his own guess. In the event that Burke is not mistaken, then the information that the Romans failed to reach West Cornwall should be revised by specialists.

The decoration found in the garden depicted the ancient Roman goddess Ceres, who was responsible for fertility and harvest. The Briton was delighted with what he managed to find in his own front garden. In addition to the ring, he also managed to find a coin from the 70s of the last century, a tin bear and several coins that were used more recently.


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