100-year-old woman revealed the secret of her health

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of Canada for five years was able to walk 10 thousand kilometers. She recently celebrated her 100th birthday, and also shared her secrets of how she maintains her health and remains so active, despite her venerable age.

Myrtle Purchase celebrated its next birthday on January 11th. She talked about how she started selling seeds at the age of 12. It was from that moment that the woman began to lead the most active lifestyle, which has been going on for 88 years.

In addition, every day the old woman does her best to walk several kilometers in a day. Purchase prefers to travel mostly on foot, so her son bought his mother a modern pedometer.

The device made it possible to establish that in five years a woman of venerable age was able to overcome ten thousand kilometers. For comparison, she crossed Canada from west to east twice.

The American notes that she was able to live to such a respectable age due to the fact that she leads the most active lifestyle, regularly goes in for sports, and has also been fond of yoga for several years. In addition, a woman’s positive thinking plays a very important role.

She tries to find pluses in any situation and pay less attention to negative aspects. Purchase wants to live for more than one more year and is going to continue walking as much as possible, setting new records of his own.


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