Scientists have figured out how to properly cook broccoli

(ORDO NEWS) — In recent years, broccoli has gained a reputation as a healthy vegetable due to its high content of a beneficial compound called sulforaphane. But how to cook them correctly so as not to miss all the useful substances? Scientists have found out.

Studies have shown that conventional methods of cooking broccoli, such as boiling and microwaving, seriously reduce the amount of important nutrients in the vegetable.

Most sulforaphane can be obtained from raw broccoli, which, of course, is not so tasty.

This led the research team to think about frying the vegetable. The scientists bought broccoli from a local market and set to work measuring the levels of substances in the vegetables.

They chopped the broccoli into 2mm pieces. Then the samples were divided into three groups: one was left raw, another was fried for four minutes immediately after grinding, and the third was left alone for 90 minutes, and then also fried for four minutes.

It turned out that broccoli, which was immediately fried, had 2.8 times less sulforaphane than broccoli left for 90 minutes.


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