Why Bill Gates bought the Moskva Hotel opposite the Kremlin

(ORDO NEWS) — Why does the oligarch need a strategic facility in the heart of Russia? Two versions: conspiracy and optimistic.

American billionaire, Microsoft founder Bill Gates bought a controlling stake in the Four Seasons hotel chain.

Conspiracy theorists are tearing their hair out, antiglobalists cry with bitter tears, anti-inoculants are hysterical. Got it, snake! Closely approached his cherished goal – the very heart of Russia!

The conspiracy theorists jump up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night from a nightmare: the villain is sitting on the balcony, wearing eyeglasses from Briony at the price of a labor veteran’s annual pension and pouring tea over a golden service to his godless guests. And the guests are all like a selection of companions in the Secret World Government: here and Soros, and Rockefeller, and Baron Rothschild himself came. They grin, sip on seagulls and squint greedy eyes at the golden-domed towers with stars – the last bastion of the forces of good in the battle with the insatiable Golden Billion…

What are we talking about? Oh yes: American billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates bought a controlling stake in the Four Seasons hotel chain. Well, I bought and bought, such things happen to him regularly. That’s why he is an investor. Moreover, Four Seasons is not just any hostels, but a network of 118 luxury hotels in 47 countries. For one of the richest people on the planet – just that. In addition, Gates, through his fund, already owned almost half of the shares of Four Seasons, and now he just dumped $ 2.2 billion – and increased his stake to 71.25%.

It would seem, what does the tower with the stars have to do with it? And here’s what it has to do with it. Fool with them, with 116 hotels in 46 countries. The main thing for us is that the Four Seasons chain includes two hotels in Russia. One is the Lion Palace in St. Petersburg, on Admiralteisky Prospekt, directly opposite St. Isaac’s Cathedral. And the second is the legendary Moscow hotel on Okhotny Ryad, right between the State Duma and the Kremlin. It turns out that now it also belongs to Bill Gates.

Conspiracy theorists and their comrades will certainly see a special subtext in this (see first paragraph). Recall that many minds are still haunted by the version that it was Bill Gates who launched the coronavirus pandemic in order to reduce the population of the Earth and at the same time make money on vaccinations. But Russia is holding on firmly, beats the coronavirus with its Sputnik, does not buy Western vaccines, and does not fill the pockets of overseas oligarchs. So Bill Gates took possession of a “strategic object” in the middle of Moscow in the hope that from there it would be easier to promote his ideas. You look, he will also put a 5G tower on the roof of the hotel in order to irradiate the servants of our people, to put anti-Russian thoughts in their heads.

Rationally thinking people, on the other hand, may find here a reason for cautious optimism. Gates – he may not be the most pleasant person in the minds of many ordinary people, but he knows a lot about investments. And if he invests billions of dollars in something, he clearly sees this as a benefit. As you know, the hotel business in a pandemic with all its restrictions and closed borders is not the most profitable business (if we are not talking about Sochi). It looks like Bill Gates is betting that the end of the pandemic is just around the corner and hotels will start generating good income again.

PS: It turns out that he still knows something about the pandemic that we, mere mortals, do not know. Maybe gentlemen conspiracy theorists are not so mistaken …


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