Scientists beat “bearded” skull and receive the Schnabel Peace Prize

(ORDO NEWS) — American researchers received the Schnabel Peace Prize for their research on the role of the beard in fighting. Biologists Ethan Beseris, Stephen Neilway and David Carrier decided to tackle the issue when another scientific dispute nearly ended in a scuffle.

Scientists tested the hypothesis that people decided to grow a beard because they didn’t want to get punched in the face.

In the course of experiments with a human skull, which was covered with sheep’s wool, they were able to find out that facial hair absorbs about 37% of the impact energy.

“I thought we were going to get an award in biology or anthropology,” Beseris said. However, the host of the online ceremony assured the specialist that the Peace Prize is the most prestigious.
The winners received a paper gear with teeth on the teeth, as well as a copy of the 10 trillion Zimbabwean dollar bill.


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