Scientists have learned to extract lithium from water

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(ORDO NEWS) — A team of researchers from the University of Texas (Austin, USA) has developed a new method for extracting lithium from water.

Scientists have created a method for extracting lithium from polluted water, which can significantly reduce the cost of the metal used in the manufacture of electronics.

Today, lithium is produced using a long and very expensive process with the preparation of brines and the use of solar evaporation. This method cannot be called perfectly clean, since in this case most of the lithium is lost.

Researchers have developed special membranes to accurately separate lithium from other ions, such as sodium, which dramatically improves data collection efficiency.

It turns out that lithium is also found in wastewater from oil and gas production. In just one week, the researchers said they were able to extract enough lithium from the water to produce 300 batteries for electric vehicles or 1.7 million smartphones.

The authors of the new work hope that the global technology industry will show interest in their innovative way.


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