What substance in the brain determines a person’s ability to read

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the results of a new study by American scientists, the ability to read in humans is associated with the structure of white matter in the brain.

While reading, information passes from one speech processing center to another, which are located in different parts of the brain.

At the same time, it moves along the nerve pathways in the white matter. Experts believe that differences in the structure of this substance may explain the difficulties with reading in some people.

Scientists from the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) are studying white matter using imaging, or diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI).

It must be said that the white matter consists of bundles of isolated nerve fibers. All this allows the brain to control various thoughts and abilities like reading.

What substance in the brain determines a persons ability to read 2

During the study, experts analyzed images of the brain of 686 children. This data was sourced from the Healthy Brain Network of the Child Mind Institute.

The experts studied the FA (fractional anisotropy, a key indicator of the structural integrity of white matter tracts) of 20 white matter tracts. All of these tracts are believed to play an important role in the reading process.

As a result, the connection was found only between the two white matter tracts and reading. Moreover, it was observed only in children older than 8 years.

They had a lower FA score for these two areas of the white matter if they had difficulty reading, in particular, they did not read “pseudo-words” (meaningless words) badly.


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