How artificial intelligence can help people fight hackers

(ORDO NEWS) — Today, technology is developing rapidly. Artificial intelligence systems are being introduced into various fields of activity. But how can AI help defend against cyberattacks and hackers?

Cyber ​​attacks are happening more and more every day. If we talk only about the United States, then thousands of companies and millions of people face them there.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help solve the problem, as such systems are excellent at tasks like finding patterns in large amounts of data.

How can AI help people in the field of cybersecurity? There are two main ways. The first is to automate tasks that manually a person spends a lot of time on.

Among these tasks is the automatic detection of unknown workstations, servers and other hardware and software on the network.

How artificial intelligence can help people fight hackers 2

The second way is to detect patterns in large amounts of information. For example, key language patterns (code words, jargon) of hackers who publish threats on the dark web.

Artificial intelligence is already being successfully used in companies such as FireEye, Microsoft, Google. There is a Microsoft Cyber ​​Signals program that uses national and hacker groups to analyze security signals.

At the same time, like any technology, artificial intelligence systems have drawbacks. For example, they can be used by hackers themselves to create new variants of cyberattacks.


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