What makes people avoid fast food the reason will surprise you

(ORDO NEWS) — We all know that fast food is not the healthiest food. Many studies show that fast food is very bad for our health, in the first place, such food is associated with an obesity epidemic. But as it turned out, many people do not eat fast food for this reason…

The number one reason people avoid fast food isn’t just because it’s unhealthy, according to new research. They’re just… ashamed!

In a study by the University of Kent, USA, more than 300 respondents were interviewed using an online questionnaire. Scientists have tried to identify key factors that distinguish people who regularly eat fast food chains and those who avoid such food.

“A gap in research is that the reasons for not eating fast food are relatively unknown, other than speculation that the poor nutritional quality of fast food may discourage shopping at fast food chains,” the team explains.

Of course, the quality of food is a factor that affects the desire to buy fast food. However, this is just one of many things that affect food choices.

The survey asked respondents to indicate the importance they place on a range of fast food products, including functional values ​​(eg convenience, taste, familiarity with the product) and emotional values ​​(eg enjoyment of food).

Using a range of statistical methods to interpret the raw data, the researchers found two key factors that identified occasional fast food consumers.

The first factor was the tendency to consume fast food in “random situations”, such as moments of lack of time, while traveling, when food runs out at home, or during times of stress. (In contrast, people who voluntarily choose to eat fast food regularly do not do so by chance.)

The second factor pointing to occasional fast food consumers explains why this group does not consume fast food on a regular basis. According to the analysis, what causes them to abstain the most is … guilt.

“Fickle consumers feel guilty about eating fast food, and when they make healthier choices, they feel more satisfied because they avoided junk food,” the researchers explain.


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