This drum is 5000 years old! It was called one of the main ancient artifacts

(ORDO NEWS) — The British Museum has called “the most important piece of prehistoric art found in Britain”. They became a drum 5000 years old!

It’s hard to believe that 5000 years ago people could create such delicate and elegant objects.

The drum was discovered in an ancient burial of children in 2015 in the village of Burton Agnes. A new building was to be built at the excavation site, so before that, archaeologists carried out work to check the site for important artifacts.

During routine excavations, a team of archaeologists discovered an ancient burial site. At the burial site were the remains of three children aged 3 to 12 years. According to experts, the bones were “intertwined”, probably the children were hugging.

The drum itself was above the head of the older child, along with a ball of chalk and a polished bone mace. Archaeologists do not believe that the drum was used as a musical instrument, despite the name. Most likely, it was a piece of sculptural art, a talisman, or perhaps a toy for children.

The grave itself is a rare find because ancient people in Neolithic Britain used to leave bodies to be cremated or eaten by crows. The drum itself is also very important because it is “one of the most elaborately decorated objects of this period ever found in Great Britain and Ireland”.

Spirals and triangles are depicted on the thread on the drum. Such an artistic motif was also found on artifacts found at Neolithic sites in Scotland and Ireland. This suggests that prehistoric communities kept in touch with each other despite considerable geographical distances.


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