What is the Astral of its essence, how to enter it instructions

(ORDO NEWS) — Many do not understand or are afraid of the unknown world of the astral, therefore, when they hear this word, they have an association with something dark. So let’s dispel this myth. The Astral World serves as a mediator between the Spiritual and Physical worlds.

The representative of the astral world is: energy (or force), soul, astros.

From the point of view of physics, what are bodies divided into

All worlds penetrate each other to one degree or another. The principle of energy is Spirit, and energy is manifested in matter, which it sets in motion.

According to physics, all bodies decompose into molecules, and molecules into atoms. At the same time, there are simple bodies, the atoms of which are different from the atoms of other bodies and cannot be decomposed any more, these are gold and hydrogen.

At the heart of all bodies and all types of matter are the primary atoms “astral atoms”.

Basic concepts

What is the Astral of its essence how to enter it instructions 2

The astral mother I is the same material substance, only of a more subtle character. At its level of vibration, it is quite material. As the matter becomes spiritualized, it approaches the Spiritual Principle. There are two main poles: Spirit and Matter, between which there is a mass of intermediate steps. Spirit and Matter penetrate each other and all this is surrounded by the Astral. Astral penetrates into everything and surrounds the whole world, connects star systems with each other. Connecting the stars with rays of light, gravity and other factors.

Astral – being the energy of matter, it shares the properties of ordinary matter, namely: the atoms of all matter are in vibration, the atom of one body is combined with the atom of another.

The most subtle vibrations are animal magnetism (Xn-rays on the astral plane), that is, psychic energy. Already in the field of electricity, vibrating matter is a lower (denser) astral.

  • Xn – high frequencies of the astral plane.
  • Electricity is low.

Astral is thus divided into many energy octaves of vibration.

Astral positive and negative poles

After rough electricity comes:

  • electric light,
  • sound waves,
  • heat rays
  • XH-rays – physical magnetism (magnet).

Magnetism, including the animal, is inherent in all bodies, and the body has two poles (+ and -). The entire Astral is also polarized, while it is in constant circular motion. The speed of the Astral Vortex cannot be grasped by the imagination. Therefore, in our concept, space and time do not exist in the astral plane.

  • The positive rays of the Astral have the symbol of the Sun and are called AOD.
  • Negative rays are symbolized by the Moon and are called AOB.
  • And being in a balanced movement are called AOP – this means – the astral, or astral light.
  • At the base of the ANM lies Jonah – the power of expansion of space and life, its symbol is a dove.
  • And at the base of the AOB lies Erebus – the force of compression of time and death, its symbol is the raven.

What is the Astral of its essence how to enter it instructions 3

The ancients depicted the Astral in the form of two snakes standing in a spiral, one around the other. This is the emblem of the ANM and AOB in a balanced state.

Etheric or astral bodies

Astral is filled with various etheric or astral bodies, partly conscious, partly unconscious.

Astral bodies – Astrosomes, are formed as a result of the condensation of astral particles, just as ball lightnings (unconscious astral energy) are formed in the air saturated with electricity.


The unconscious astrosomes gather around the positive poles, and the conscious ones around the negative ones. In the astrosom, there is a process of attracting molecules into oneself and releasing them into the Astral. In this case, the potentiality of molecules in the entire given area should be more or less the same. Otherwise, with a strong difference in the potentials of the astrosome and the Astral around it, the astrosome receives holes in the shell, – striving outward; or the Astral rushes into the astrosome.

The density of the subtle world

The world around us is complex and diverse. There are many such worlds in the Universe, where intelligent beings live in different spatial and temporal coordinates, and have different densities in the material shell (astral plane). The structure of the Universe and the basic laws of the Cosmos are basically the same. The arrangement of planetary systems and galaxies, in accordance with the arrangement of molecules and atoms. Elementary particles consist of even smaller particles and structures.

At a certain level, the materiality of particles changes and passes into an energetic substance, beyond the threshold of the material and physical world lies the invisible (subtle) world.

  • World of Energy Information Structures. This world is much larger and more diverse than the physical world.
  • This world is inhabited by intelligent beings that do not have gross, physical shells (bodies).
  • Certain thought-forms, thought-clichés, feelings of various beings are also accumulated there.
  • Egregors are also created there, due to the mental and emotional energy of many people.

What is the highest mind – God, laws of the universe

What is the Astral of its essence how to enter it instructions 4

Everything in the Universe develops according to certain laws – the laws of Harmony and Causal relationships. The power that created the Universe is beginningless, limitless and all-pervading. This is the creative principle that supports, regulates and guides the development of the universe. This is what we call God, or Supreme Intelligence. Its influence extends to all events and processes, with the help of the powerful Hierarchy of Light, the essences of the subtle worlds of a higher order.

God created man in his own image and likeness, which means that God created a Spiritual Being with the ability to creatively act. And his ability is the greater, the less the spiritual essence of a person. The soul is dependent on material bonds.

The human body is an animal body in which an immortal spirit is embodied, and which temporarily dwells in it, for gaining experience in the physical world, for knowing good and evil, in order to learn to distinguish one from the other on our own experience, for spiritual growth and development of the consciousness of one’s being , through knowledge and creation.

Impact of vibration on life and the world

What is the Astral of its essence how to enter it instructions 5


The entire Cosmos is filled with vibrations of varying strength and intensity emanating from the Primary Source of life. And each form of life inhabiting the Universe emits, in turn, vibrations of one force or another, which depend on its development. Consciousness of any form of life is its ability to respond to vibrations, the ability to respond to them.

The mechanics of the development of consciousness consists in the increasing ability of every form of life to respond to ever more subtle and higher vibrations. The entire evolution of life in Cosmos and all the progress of mankind are essentially reduced to the development of consciousness.

What is consciousness and how does it develop

If memory is for the past, then consciousness is for the future. Consciousness is like understanding spirit; it grows, embracing the whole being, like a flame. In this process, fragments of memory, like slags, interfere with combustion.

To know is not to remember. Any consciousness develops individually, and there are no general laws for the development of consciousness. Any consciousness develops along its own line of development, and in a normally developing person it never stops, being infinite in its achievements. Just as there are no two similar persons, two similar souls, just as there are no two similar consciousnesses.

There are countless levels of consciousness. Since the development of consciousness is the most difficult and longest process in the Cosmos, the desire to preserve the continuity of consciousness after leaving the physical plane of Existence, in thinner shells, on the astral and mental planes of Existence, would significantly accelerate the evolution of development human.

Consciousness is an immortal entity, eternally reborn

If the physical essence of each form ceases to exist with the cessation of life, then the spiritual essence, having passed into the Subtle World together with consciousness, which is the belonging of all human shells, continues its conscious or semi-conscious existence, depending on its spiritual development, transforming the experience gained by life into abilities – increasing existing ones and adding new ones.

Human evolution is possible only thanks to the consciousness that dwells in the non-annihilable part of the human essence, in its imperishable body. This higher principle of man is his immortal essence, that eternal indestructible that accumulates all the good from the past as a guarantee for a beautiful future. A person does not have to begin his labors and his trials with each new life, because, being born again, he brings with him the entire stock of his experience and all his previous achievements, which he only needs to remember and renew.

What bodies are in the astral atmosphere

What is the Astral of its essence how to enter it instructions 6

The astral atmosphere is filled with astral bodies, generated both by the movement of the Astral, and by the influence of the Spirit and Will on it.

In the Astral there are:

  1. Elementals or Spirits of Nature – (elements).
  2. Astroids – i.e. human thoughts, images, desires.
  3. Astral clichés are imprints of actions and phenomena.
  4. Egregors – Spirits of human societies.
  5. Larva are creatures born of human passions.
  6. People who left the physical body in the Astrosom for a while (exteriorization).
  7. Elementaries – Spirits of the dead and consisting of Spirit, Soul and Astrodome.
  8. Nirmanakaya – Adepts, good or evil, whose bodies are dead, but who have learned to live in the Astral space in ethereal personalities.

Exit to the Astral, for a while in the Astrodome

A person can leave his physical body in the astral body when the physical body rests in a dream, and the Spirit, the Soul of a person, being clothed in Astros, enter the Astral. Although the Astrodome can move away from the physical body for a considerable distance, there is always a fluid connection between them, through which the Astrodome maintains the vitality and functioning of the organs of the body.

When this connection is broken, physical death occurs. A person’s exit in the Astrodome may be unconscious during sleep, lethargy, hypnotic sleep.

Upon awakening, a person does not remember anything from his communication with the Astral or retains vague impressions in the form of dreams. In an ordinary dream, Astros almost does not move away from his body, due to which a person is not exposed to the danger that can occur with a conscious exit to the Astral.

With a conscious exit into the Astral, the Spirit of a person leaves of his own free will (using the attention of his consciousness at a meaningful exit), and gives an account of what he saw in the Astral.

Unconscious exit to the astral plane is dangerous

Being in somnambulism, a person under the influence of suggestion can also leave the body (and at this time the hypnotist subordinates the temporarily abandoned physical body to his will, and manipulates it, forcing him to follow his orders). A conscious exit can be safe, and an unconscious (under suggestion) can be dangerous.

Conscious exit to the astral plane is safe

With a conscious exit in the Astrodome, the person controls the Astrosom and can be transported anywhere. However, the exit in this case poses many dangers to humans. Representing condensed astral matter, Astrocom is sensitive to all touches, blows, especially sharp metal objects that have the ability to discharge the Astral.

What entities are dangerous when traveling in the astral plane

The wound inflicted on the vital parts of the Astrodome brings him death. In the Astral there is a mass of Lyarvs, as well as Elementors who wish to prolong their existence and materialize. They can take advantage of the removal of the Soul from the body and enter the body shell.

Then three outcomes are presented:

  1. The soul in the Astrodome, feeling the possession of its body shell, starts to fight. If you manage to drive out Lyarvu, then the person returns to normal.
  2. Otherwise, Lyarva remains in the body (after the return of the Soul), then it is madness interrupted by glimpses of reason, or obsession.
  3. The soul completely leaves its body, and Lyarva remains an absolute master, then this is complete idiocy and madness.

What is the Astral of its essence how to enter it instructions 7

The character of Larva also explains various manias, insanity, obsession, idiocy, sometimes they are the result of a concussion or a strong mental shock. This is because at such moments there is a spontaneous exit in the Astrodome, and the Human Spirit, being severely affected, does not allow Lärve to take over the body.

With the conscious exit of the Astrodome, a long and special training is required, and even then, the Astrosom may not want to work (cooperate in this matter) with a person.

How a person can communicate with the astral world

A person has two ways of communicating with the astral:

  1. A person can even without being extracted bring himself into connection with the Astral World, through the organs of his Astrodome.
  2. The inhabitants of the Astral can materialize and become accessible to the senses of the physical body.

Passive and active imagination for seeing the astral plane:

  1. When a person is distracted from the physical world, then he can see the phenomena of the Astral World (passive imagination).
  2. Active imagination – a person himself creates images in the Astral, and passively he comprehends already existing Astral images.

When we can see the subtle world

What is the Astral of its essence how to enter it instructions 8

We see examples of the vision of the Astral World:

  • in a dream,
  • telepathy,
  • magical hypnosis,
  • clairvoyance.

Formlessness, horror, nightmares of dreams are explained by the fact that during sleep a person sees Lyarv in the Astral.


This is a person’s vision at a distance (astral tube), usually with telepathy, a person sees his loved ones, acquaintances, often this happens at the time of death of one of them. In other cases, the phenomenon of telepathy can be seen only by seeing through the transmonad – the astral imprint of a person and action, or simply by the appearance of the deceased in his Astral body and his materialization.


With clairvoyance and hypnosis, a person is able to read or see events over 1000 km. In this case he also sees through the transmonada. Clairvoyants are also able to see a person’s aura or imprint in the Astral of all his thoughts and desires.


Animals are very sensitive to the Astral. The villagers are receptive urban. Sometimes astral vision is accompanied by a voice, which can be called clairaudience.

Fortune telling

The concept of psychometry can be summed up as the methods of fortune telling: coffee grounds, eggs, wax. These items have the ability to absorb and condense the Astral.

This also applies to fortune telling on a magic mirror, you can see the Astral in it. When communicating with the Astral World, the already known law always operates – Spiritual sympathies and antipathies. Therefore, all occultists put one of the conditions in communication with the Astral World – prayer, cleansing of the heart and thoughts uplifting the Soul.


The sprites in the sessions form a magic chain. The medium provides its life force at the disposal of the inhabitants of the Astral, who use it for materialization, partial or complete, and for the production of spiritualistic phenomena (knocking, moving, lifting objects, manifesting spirits and communicating with them).

When the Spirits are summoned , larvae appear most often , which seek to manifest on Earth, but mainly during spiritualistic séances, the magical chain formed by the circle of spiritists gives rise to a new Astral being of a collective nature, which is called the Spirit of the Circle. Both the unconscious worlds and the Spirits of the Circle in their answers and conversations reflect only the thoughts of those present.

The subject and tone of communication also depends on the participants in the session. Sometimes at the sessions the Astros materializes the medium, and plays the role of the Spirit. Sometimes there are Astrosomes abandoned by the Human Spirit (astral corpses) after the second death. But elementaries or Spirits of the dead while still in the Astral, manifest themselves very rarely. Mostly these are the Souls of sensitive people yearning for the Earth and looking for a chance to materialize. Summons of Spirits or Elementors hold back their evolution.

How astral entities materialize in physical reality

What is the Astral of its essence how to enter it instructions 9

The call of the Spirit , in order for the Astral image, or the inhabitant of the Astral, to become visible to our physical vision. The process of materialization is carried out by the condensation of the Astral and the attraction of vital atoms from which this astral being creates a body for itself. For this process, the astral being needs life force, which it receives in various ways.

Often an astral being (inorganic entity) extracts life force for materialization from living people.

Through intense fear

It is for this purpose that astral beings strike a person with horror. Under the influence of strong fear, a person almost completely loses life force, which the astral phantom quickly absorbs for its materialization. However, the absence of fear of the astral being prevents their materialization, since it is difficult for them to influence a person in order to steal his life force. When the Spirits are summoned, a bloody sacrifice is usually performed. Blood contains a great vital force necessary for the materialization of the Spirit.

Through incense and rituals

In addition, to summon Spirits, adepts and magicians usually use incense, which contributes to the concentration of the Astral. But the main factor in the challenge is the will and imagination of the adept. Therefore, the rules and rituals attributed to this have the purpose, first of all, to excite the imagination and direct the will.

Through fasting for a long time

Also, one of the main preparatory conditions for invoking the spirit is fasting for a certain period. Often an adept or magician sees not the Spirit of the invoked image itself, but only its imprint in the Astral, or even an astral image created by the adept himself.


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