What happens to a person at the time of death: doctor explained

(ORDO NEWS) — The director of the Intensive Care and Resuscitation Department at New York City School of Medicine in Langon revealed surprising facts about death. Dr. Sam Parnia argues that death is a very comfortable process, especially if it occurs for natural reasons. This is reported by Express.

What happens to a person at the time of death doctor explained

People who were on the verge of life and death, claim to have seen deceased relatives, felt calm. At the same time, the doctor himself says that death is still a process that takes some time, and not a moment.

It is with this that visions and some sensations are connected. The light at the end of the tunnel, the arrival of deceased friends and relatives, pleasant music or the singing of angels are not signs of the existence of life after death, but natural physiological processes.

After the heart stops beating, all vital processes stop. Blood stops flowing to the brain, which leads to its death. The brain circuits die, the person loses consciousness and gradually “leaves”. It is at this moment that the dying person experiences hallucinations.

Dr. Parnia saved thousands of patients during his practice at the hospital. In his books on death, Sam Parnia describes an interesting mental process. It turns out that patients who have experienced a near-death condition want to experience it again.

He also noticed that people who die a natural death leave this world in absolute peace.

Having the opportunity to study postmortem processes, the doctor said that unusual hallucinations are just the last activity of the brain during which he tries to scan himself. Why only good memories emerge remains a mystery. This is most likely a natural process that makes it easier for a person to leave.


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