Astronomers reported that humanity is living at a better time

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(ORDO NEWS) — How many secrets are hidden in the night starry sky? Observing celestial bodies that are millions of light-years from Earth, it is difficult to imagine that stars die and planets are born. 

A man lives in an amazing time. Astronomers claim that people are living in a better era! Having collected information, they classified the history of the Universe into 5 periods (starting from the Big Bang). It turned out that now we live in a stellar era, and it will not be better. Reported by Big Think.

Astronomers have reported that humanity is living at a better time 2

They are listed in the book by Fred Adams and Gregory Laughlin. The publication is periodically reissued taking into account new data received from satellites. According to the current scientific understanding of the history of the Universe, there are 5 periods:

  • pristine;
  • starry;
  • degenerative;
  • the era of black holes;
  • dark.

The calculations are speculative, but no one refutes them. On the contrary, a large number of astronomers and physicists are interested in studying this information.

The solar system is enjoying its best times. Scientists estimate that this will be about 1 quintillion years. Then a degenerative era will begin, which means that black holes will begin to grow and will absorb everything around. And so it will be until everything in space disappears. But this is just one of the theories.


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