Volcano reactivated on Italian island Stromboli

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(ORDO NEWS) — The volcano Stromboli on the Italian island of the same name, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea near Sicily, resumed activity on Sunday morning, the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology of Italy (Ingv) said.

According to volcanologists, a new eruption occurred at dawn. At 6.23, a powerful explosion was recorded, after which a column of black smoke rose above the volcano’s crater. The eruption was accompanied by a strong release of ash, sand and other volcanic material. In total, scientists have registered two “high intensity explosions”, which caused vibrations of the earth’s surface.

According to local media reports, the seismic phenomena were clearly felt by the people and residents of the neighboring islands on Stromboli, in some places because of this panic arose.

“There was definitely a moment of great fear. People were very worried, especially after what happened on Stromboli a year ago, when one person died there,” said Marco Giorgianni, the mayor of Lipari, the largest island of the Lipari archipelago. islands.

According to the National Civil Defense Service, whose specialists immediately contacted the Stromboli authorities, the new volcanic eruption did not lead to casualties and destruction, the situation is under control.

The last time Stromboli erupted was on August 29, 2019. During the previous eruption on July 3, a 35-year-old man died on the island, who was in the immediate vicinity of the volcano as part of an excursion group, and another tourist received minor injuries. Such a frequency of eruptions has not been noted in the entire history of observations of this volcano.

In summer, Stromboli is usually visited by up to three thousand people, at the end of the tourist season, the number of the island’s inhabitants decreases to about 400.

The volcano Stromboli has been constantly active for the past 20 thousand years. It is famous for the frequent small eruptions observed from nearby islands and from the sea. Its height is 926 meters above sea level and more than 2 kilometers above sea floor level. The volcano has three active craters. Eruptions of Stromboli are predominantly explosive, and the outpouring of lava is rare.


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