Japan listed its islands: There are 7,000 more than previously thought

(ORDO NEWS) — Japanese researchers counted all the country’s islands and found that there are 7,000 more than previously thought. How did it happen?

No, the islands did not appear from the void… Everything is much more prosaic

According to Gizmodo, Japan‘s Geospatial Information Authority used cutting-edge digital mapping technology to count the islands.

During the observation, they discovered 14,125 islands. Interestingly, the last count, which was carried out in 1987, revealed only 6,852 islands.

This time, as in the past, the researchers did not include “mini-islands” with a circumference of less than 100 meters.

How could a country lose (or unexpectedly find) so many islands?
The appearance of new islands in Japan is not a miracle or a machination. Everything is much more prosaic.

The new technology used by the agency has allowed cartographers to distinguish small clusters of islands that were previously thought to be a single massif.

However, that’s not all. Earthquakes over the past 35 years have also contributed to the formation of new islands.

Despite a clear increase in the number of islands, their discovery is unlikely to change the size of Japan’s territory or its waters.


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