Experts told what happens if you fill the volcano with concrete

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(ORDO NEWS) — Some people, when looking into ways to prevent volcanic deaths, are wondering, “Why can’t we just pour concrete over the volcano to stop it from erupting?”

In the meantime, this is probably a terrible idea, considering how volcanoes work.

On the one hand, it is known that concrete has a melting point of about 1500 degrees Celsius, while lava reaches a “pathetic” 871 degrees Celsius.

It seems that if enough concrete is poured into the mouth of a volcano, then theoretically it can be blocked.

Eruptions occur when there is an increase in pressure below the Earth‘s surface. When the magma is thin and liquid, gases can easily escape from it, and it will usually flow gently out of the volcano.

While magma isn’t perfect at approaching you, it is at least slow and unlikely to kill you. Explosive volcanic eruptions are more dangerous.

“If the magma is thick and sticky, the gases cannot escape easily. The pressure builds up until the gases escape and explode,” the US Geological Survey (USGS) explained.

“Explosive volcanic eruptions can be dangerous and deadly. They can eject clouds of hot tephra from the side or from the top of the volcano.

These fiery clouds rush down the slopes of the mountains, destroying almost everything in their path.

That is, this is clearly not something that I would like to support in development, but if you add concrete, this is exactly what will happen.

If you block the vent by pouring an unreasonable amount of concrete into it, then the volcano loses the ability to naturally release gas and release this pressure, potentially turning from a good slow-flowing volcano into an explosive one.

Or a potentially explosive volcano will explode with even more pressure when its time comes.

Volcanoes explode with tremendous pressure, making the added concrete a health hazard as it disperses easily. Dust from concrete would lead to fatal lung diseases and cancer.

The best use of concrete in relation to volcanoes is to divert lava from settlements using concrete blocks.

Although it should be understood that these blocks will not work with a strong explosion, nevertheless, with an average intensity of the eruption, they can play a positive role and certainly will not make the situation much worse.


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