US ready to help Iran fight coronavirus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The United States has declared its readiness to help Iran in the fight against coronavirus. President of the United States Donald Trump during a meeting with reporters noted that Washington is ready to provide mechanical ventilation devices to Tehran. Naturally – on their own terms.

A pandemic is no reason to refuse a protest. So activists from San Francisco decided. We picked up a loudspeaker, posters and – for the sake of entertainment – three packages that mimic the bags for the dead. Dissatisfied with the current government and high mortality from coronavirus. They demand to release migrants from detention centers, and criminals from prisons.

There, according to activists, it is unrealistic to observe quarantine. The US authorities implemented some of these measures – in the states with the highest spread of the virus, thousands of people were released from behind the bars, but convicted only of minor offenses. The president does believe that the United States has enough power to help not only itself, but also others. Even the eternal enemy of Iran. But only on their own terms.

“If Iran needs help in the fight against coronavirus, I would be ready to do something if they want it, if they ask. If they need help, if they need ventilation machines, we now have thousands of ventilation devices in our hands, as well as “The devices are in the process of production. Without a doubt, we would be ready to help. What should they do? Be smarter and make a deal,” says US President Donald Trump.

In Iran, even before such a speech, they noticed that the country does not need mechanical ventilation apparatus , and it is time for Washington to stop interfering in the affairs of other countries. Moreover, in Iran, infected COVID-19 is 9 times less than in the United States. In the Islamic Republic since April 11, work permits were given to businesses with low risks of the spread of the virus, and companies with medium risks can resume their activities from today.

This, for example, is about a business such as shops located under one roof (for example, bazaars). Or shops located close to each other. They can resume their activities in compliance with all protocols of the Ministry of Health. But holy places and mosques, as well as restaurants and other places with a large crowd of people will remain closed.

From today, some business representatives have decided to allow work in Denmark – here, for example, employees of beauty salons and driving schools will return to their duties. They decided to take such measures after the incidence of coronavirus in the country stabilized, and the infectious disease specialists gave a favorable prognosis.

Norway on Monday will open kindergartens, and also allow travel of citizens to suburban houses. In Poland, from today you can relax in the forests and parks, and in the Czech Republic they are even thinking about opening the borders. But only for Czech entrepreneurs who need to go on negotiations with foreign partners. So far, Sweden, which has not officially entered quarantine, has entered.

“We, of course, keep the distance more than usual. Some work from home. We try to avoid crowds. More often than before. But not as much as in other countries,” says Robert Lind, a resident of Sweden.

The Swedish authorities, of course, asked citizens not to gather in the amount of more than 50 people, but kindergartens, restaurants, bars were not closed. They hope to develop collective immunity among the population in May.

However, virologists from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm assure that the country was on the verge of a catastrophe due to the lack of quarantine. And here the coronavirus COVID-19 will make itself felt.


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