US pastor warns humanity will not survive until 2021

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Evangelist Paul Begley made another prediction based on Mayan prophecies. According to him, people will not live until Christmas 2021: an apocalyptic event will occur 2-3 days before the holiday.

Information about the Day of Judgment, which will be the end for all living things, is available on the Mayan calendar. The apocalypse was expected in 2012, but, apparently, scientists made a mistake in deciphering the calendar or the Mayans themselves were mistaken for almost a decade in the calculations. 12/21/2020 the largest astronomical event is expected: Saturn and Jupiter will fly to an incredibly close distance and form a “star”, one of the brightest after the star of Bethlehem.

The event will be the largest ever since 1623. Never in the past five centuries have two planets come so close together. Also in winter, the solstice is expected, which also cannot be ignored.

Interested netizens after analyzing the works of Nostradamus said that the alchemist also predicted the end of the world in 2020. Over this year, too many events have occurred that indicate the early extermination of mankind. People may not survive until 2021, or their numbers will begin to decline. Even today, millions of people are at risk from large water (the Three Gorges Dam in China), starvation due to the invasion of locusts, the coronavirus pandemic and natural disasters, in particular volcanic activity and seismic activity.

The prophets warned of mankind half a millennium ago. It is also worth noting that the past predictions of Pastor Begley did not come true, as, in fact, other world prophecies about the crush of mankind.


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