New, more infectious strain of coronavirus detected

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Even taking into account the fact that some countries began to officially declare that they coped with coronavirus, it did not disappear anywhere and even managed to mutate during this time. This information has been confirmed by specialists from the La Jolla Institute of Immunology. They found a completely new strain of coronavirus that came to America from Europe. The new version of the virus is called G614.

The previous version of the coronavirus was called D614, but the new mutation has become more common today. The study of specialists was published in the scientific journal Cell. It is worth noting that scientists have just now discovered that a new form of coronavirus began to spread at the beginning of this year. In February, both viruses spread at the same rate, but in late spring, the mutated pathogen caused infection in almost 90% of patients.

“Changes have been found in the amino acids of thorns, with which the virus is able to penetrate the cells of the human body. Moreover, the new form is more dangerous than the old one due to the fact that it has a higher rate of airway load. The risk of human infection due to this increases by almost 9 times,” the study says.

Experts also compared the resistance of these forms of coronavirus to antibodies and learned that a mutated virus can be easily cured with the help of serum from the blood of people who have already been ill. It is no secret to anyone that the epidemic began to spread in China, but some time ago it was reported from the PRC authorities that the infection began to spread outside the country.

“The outbreak was indeed recorded in China, but no one can say that the source of the coronavirus was in our country,” one of the Chinese diplomats said.


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